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The Latest Cloudfy Updates

The Latest Cloudfy Updates

Cloudfy is quickly becoming a favorite B2B ecommerce software for growing manufacturing, wholesale, import and distribution businesses around the world.

One of the reasons businesses choose Cloudfy is the range and quality of the regular updates that deliver continuing improvements to performance.

Because Cloudfy is a Cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform all of these enhancements are available to use straight away – no upgrades, no testing. And they can all be available as part of an easy to manage monthly subscription.

So, what’s new?

personalized purchasing – One of the best ways to improve your customers’ experience of your B2B ecommerce site is to give them a truly personalized experience. The new ‘user type’ function allows you to easily define user groups and permissions in your customer accounts. You can include spending limits and add administration levels to streamline purchase authorization processes.

Clearer price breaks – There’s now even more flexibility to manage your units of sale. Making sure your customers know whether their price breaks are per unit, pack or pallet gives them confidence in their purchasing decisions. It also helps to streamline your sales process and reduce customer inquiries.

Flexible delivery options – Have you ever wished for a ‘matrix’ like delivery function? Now it can be yours. The ‘extended delivery charge’ options allow you to offer product, customer and basket level delivery charges. If you’re sending orders to multiple countries this enhancement will make it so much easier.

Tailored customer views – One size (or ecommerce site menu) doesn’t suit everyone when you have different types of customer. With improved tools to create bespoke customer menus you can easily offer one view for your trade customers and another for your retail sales audience.

Extended ordering options – purchase order administration can add significant overheads to your sales and fulfillment processes. With this clever Cloudfy addition you can not only choose whether purchase orders (POs) are needed for individual customers, you can even specify when different POs are needed for different lines in a single order.

Switching on more decimal places – depending on your order volumes and values the rounding process can make a real difference to your bottom line. Our customers asked us to provide an option for product pricing to four decimal places, and we were happy to help. A simple switch will now give the flexibility to go from two to four decimal places – it’s that easy.

Trade view product listings – When your busy trade buyers know exactly which products they want, and they’re in a hurry, a ‘no frills’ approach is just what they need. The option to hide product images on your category listing pages gives them exactly the clean look they want, so they can quickly and easily add exactly the right number of each product to their basket.

Preferred product references – Your favorite customers know what they need to buy regularly. Now they can make it even easier to find and purchase these items by giving them their own titles instead of your stock keeping unit (SKU) code or product name.

And, coming soon…

Look out for new design templates that you can switch whenever you want and improved support services to help you grow your business even more quickly.

If you would like to know more about any of these new and improved Cloudfy features then we’ll be happy to tell you more. Just give us a call.

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