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Cloudfy Versus Magento

magento vs cloudfy

This month we’re starting a new blog series which compares Cloudfy with other ecommerce platforms. Our first comparison analyzes some of Cloudfy’s features against those of Magento. Read on to discover which platform is best suited for your business.

Type of IndustryCreated for B2B
Created with the specific needs of B2B ecommerce
companies in mind, Cloudfy is an excellent, out of the box ecommerce solution specialized for B2B which offers richer functionality and a more powerful
ecommerce experience. Perfect for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and
other kind of trade companies.
A popular B2C solution
Magento is better
suited for B2C ecommerce, being a very popular choice for mid-market retailers.
However, it can be made into a B2B solution with the help of modules and custom
code which should only be added by specialized Magento agencies.
CostLow Cost
As an all in one, subscription based ecommerce
solution hosted in the cloud, Cloudfy represents a comprehensive and low-cost
ecommerce option.,With Cloudfy you
never have to worry about additional costs required by hosting, integration or
new features, as these are all available according to the plan of your choosing.
And that’s not all. You can also benefit from new features being added
regularly to the platform for no extra cost, so you can invest the money you
saved on your ecommerce website in other valuable areas such as marketing your
Medium-high cost
With Magento costs
can vary from a few thousand pounds to complex builds worth tens or even
hundreds of thousands of pounds, based on any additional requirements you might
have (custom code, complex integration), not to mention the ongoing support and
hosting costs you also need to cover. Depending on the version of Magento you
choose, you might also have to pay an additional fee to Magento for their
Enterprise platform. This is why Magento is recommended for ecommerce
businesses who have a turnover of at least £1-2m/year.
Duration of BuildRelatively short
Depending on how many
product lines you have, what sort of integration you need and the Cloudfy plan
of your choosing, you can enjoy a brand new Cloudfy website in just a few weeks.
Longer duration
If you’re happy with
the standard version of a Magento website with very few modules then you can
hope to see your new website alive in just a few months, but as you add on more
customization or additional modules, your build can take significantly longer to
OwnershipRenting the website
With Cloudfy, due to
the platform being cloud-based, you’re renting your website via the monthly
subscription fee you pay.
Owning the website
You will be the owner
of your Magento website, so you can move it to a different Magento agency if
you want to.
New featuresEvery few months
With Cloudfy you can
enjoy new and exciting features every few months (and sometimes even more
often), with 4 major updates being programmed in a year. All new features are
added to all Cloudfy websites according to their corresponding plan, for no
additional cost.
On demand
If you want to update
your Magento website or add new modules or functionality you will need
Magento-certified developers to do it for you, which normally leads to
additional costs after the website has been originally built.
SupportVery responsive
Your Cloudfy
subscription also includes support for your website, so you can easily get in
touch with the team should you require assistance.
If you’ve built your
Magento website yourself, you can contact Magento for support if needed.
However, in most cases Magento websites are built by certified agencies who can
then incur an extra cost for a separate support contract, once the website has
gone live and the warranty period is over.

Overall, if you’re looking for an all-in-one, cost-effective ecommerce solution that is tailored for the needs of B2B ecommerce, Cloudfy is the right platform for you. If you’re a retailer with a multi-million pounds turnover who needs a more customized solution, then you should opt for Magento.

For more information about Cloudfy or to request your free demo, contact us now.



Heineken needed to quickly deploy a B2B ecommerce solution to allow their wholesale customers to order online 24/7. From their P.V. Union Brewery in Slovenia, the new client ordering portal would serve nearby bars, restaurants, and distributors with their daily, weekly and monthly orders… Full Case Study

"Great work by the Cloudfy team launching our B2B portal in record time."

Tilen K., Ecommerce Manager, Heineken