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Discover 15 New Features Added To The Cloudfy Platform

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2016 has been a very busy year for the Cloudfy team and we’re proud of the satisfied customers who have gone live over recent months, including Paroh Ltd, OTL and Lou Dalton who marked the launch of our first-ever custom Cloudfy build.

But that’s not all! Besides helping our new customers start a new era for their businesses online by harnessing the power of cloud ecommerce, our dedicated team of developers has also been working on a plethora of new and exciting features for the platform.

Below are some of the new features which Cloudfy customers can enjoy for no extra cost!

  1. We believe that rigorous testing is the key to success when it comes to ecommerce, which is why our system has gone through several rounds of testing and certain small bugs have been ironed out, for an overall improved online experience.
  2.  Roundels/Promotions such as New, Best Seller and more have been implemented, so you can attract customers more easily and showcase your best ranges as you wish.
  3. Customer product restrictions. An excellent feature for any Pharmaceuticals or Medical ecommerce business, you can now allow your customers to only buy a certain number of products, limit sales per product or block certain product combinations.
  4. Mobile-centered. We’ve improved our responsive mobile template, as well as optimizing the checkout on mobile for better conversion rates on mobile.
  5. New designs. After launching the bespoke design for Lou Dalton, we have new designs in store which were created with a retail build optimization in mind.
  6. On/Off integration control for certain fields
  7. More delivery/price flexibility. Now you can enjoy flexible minimum order or free delivery options by customer/country/post code.
  8. The customer price list is now visible in Business Manager.
  9. We’ve improved our reporting by introducing performance graphs in Business Manager and basic reporting.
  10. Voucher code integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Perfect if you want a break down by line item.
  11. Make the most of Google Shopping with enhanced Auto Google Shopping Feed and say goodbye to the hassle of manual feeds.
  12. We’ve also implemented further SEO optimization.
  13. Grouped products by color or size.
  14. Enhanced trade purchase view so you can get all the details you need about trade orders.
  15. SSL certificate implemented site wide for enhanced website security.

Want a closer look at these features? Contact us today to schedule your free Cloudfy demo.

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