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Look Forward to Exciting New Features on Cloudfy in Q1 2016

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Creators of Cloudfy ecommerce software have over 10 years’ experience creating high performing ecommerce websites and have created a cloud based platform that gives both start-ups and established businesses the opportunity to grow their business online on a cost effective, all in one cloud based platform.

Cloudfy is a powerful ecommerce platform that is designed to be highly rich in functionality, powerful enough to scale, priced competitively, but still offers users flexibility in controlling every aspect of the site without needing ongoing support.

The platform is packed full of rich features ranging from the basic out of the box functionality to get your business transacting online, to the most demanding ecommerce requirements, all for a single cost subscription based monthly fee.

Planned features which will be scheduled in for Q1 of 2016 and will be automatically updated on site for all Cloudfy customers will include the following.

Extended Design Options

Cloudfy home page design options have been extended to include an additional two home page responsive designs for customers to choose from.  The new design options will allow Cloudfy subscribers to choose from traditional layouts including full screen dynamic banners to contemporary tiled box design to ensure businesses can find a style to suit their brand and their company’s needs.

EU VAT Validation

This functionality will allow those businesses who require it to feature EU VAT Validation on their new Cloudfy website.

Amazon Pay

As consumers demand more convenient and faster ways to shop online, subscribers to Cloudfy can offer Amazon Pay on their website, a convenient, fast and secure way to pay online, which will help their customers avoid long checkout processes and missed mobile taps.

PayPal Credit Integration

This functionality looks set to satisfy the demands of many wholesalers and manufacturers who like to offer credit terms to their regular trade customers online and can now be offered via our Cloudfy integration with PayPal credit.

Multi-Store Fronts with different Currency and Language

With many businesses now operating in multiple countries with different needs per country, or region, Cloudfy will offer subscribers the option to set up multiple store fronts that can cater to offering different languages, currency, product catalogue, delivery and payment terms.

These are just five of the new Cloudfy features planned for the first quarter of 2016 and there’s many more to come. Stayed tuned into our blog to keep up to date with our new round of planned feature launches.

If you’re interested in exploring Cloudfy further, contact us today to request your free demo.

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