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Machine Learning And AI Technologies For Predictive B2B Ecommerce

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As industry giants such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon are starting to offer Machine Learning services, an AI (Artificial Intelligence)-first world seems closer than ever, with increasingly more businesses starting to use Machine Learning and other AI technologies to their benefit.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning processes consist of certain algorithms which can use data to learn from it and then make predictions. This, together with the rise of AI in recent years, including services such as iPhone’s Siri or the newly launched Google Assistant, have the potential to help business get to know better their customers and then offer a more personalized service.

So how do Machine Learning and AI services apply then to B2B ecommerce? According to a recent CIO article AI technology could transform cloud computing and create a new generation of cloud based platforms. Many PaaS (platform as a service) solutions have already started using certain AI capabilities, with Microsoft offering a Machine Learning/AI solution through Azzure ML.

The Beginning Of Predictive B2B Ecommerce

The development team behind Cloudfy is prepared to embrace this new AI-first world and has already started working with Azzure ML services to further improve the cloud-based ecommerce platform.

Rob Williams, CEO of Cloudfy comments “The Cloudfy technical team has already been doing some R&D work with Azzure ML services where by feeding in the order history by customer, as well as broader purchasing trends, we are working to improve the relevance of the customers’ My Regular Best Buys functionality in Cloudfy.”

“As B2B ecommerce practices and expectations are resembling those of B2C ecommerce increasingly more, with retailers expecting to receive and enjoy a personalized online experience from the wholesalers, distributors or suppliers they’re working with, we believe that AI-based services can help us deliver next-generation functionality which can be used to achieve and surpass those customer expectations. This will become part of being able to offer predictive B2B ecommerce features, as part of the Cloudfy platform.” Says Rob Williams.

With new features being added continually, Cloudfy customers can enjoy a best-in-breed cloud-based B2B ecommerce platform that was built to deliver a new generation of B2B ecommerce websites.

To find out more about the rich functionality of Cloudfy or if you need help deciding what plan is the best one for your business, contact us now to request your free demo.

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