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Taking the customer-centric approach in B2B ecommerce

Taking The Customer-Centric Approach In B2B Ecommerce

B2B sellers that put their customers’ experience at the center of their ecommerce plans will transform their performance in the next few years.

B2B organizations can’t rely on their specialized products to provide differentiation in the marketplace. More and more of the buying process now takes place online, so businesses need to be discoverable, and must deliver fast, easy and satisfying experiences for their busy customers.

The customer’s voice 

Paying attention to your customers’ feedback has never been more important. This is not only something you do when you’re planning to launch a new ecommerce website – although that’s important too. Really successful B2B ecommerce companies make adjustments as they go to improve their products and services, all of the time, depending on their customers’ responses.

Easy user journeys

B2B buyers are busy people, so they won’t waste time on ecommerce sites that are slow to load or difficult to use. Impressive graphics and animations that are essential for the B2C experience aren’t priorities for B2B buyers. Instead, they will want everything to be crystal clear and very efficient. They want easy searches and straightforward ordering.

Fast and intuitive journeys based on your buyers’ needs will not only improve conversion rates, they will also build customer loyalty. Ecommerce technology can already anticipate what visitors to your site are looking for and help them along the way.

Registered users can receive an almost entirely personalized experience, tailored to their buying history and search criteria. By showcasing a complete suite of products, including components, spare parts, and related products you can enhance your customers’ buying experience and optimize your sales.

Easy purchasing

The buyer’s experience can be improved dramatically by helping them to select and store their choices, so that they can complete their purchase easily. Provide a downloadable stock keeping unit (SKU) list, multiple filters to refine selections quickly and auto-completion of product details to make the whole experience painless.

Easy payments

Complete end-to-end self-service will be high on your customers’ list of requirements, with accounts set up for easy online payments. While some buyers might still prefer purchase orders and paper invoices, the trend is certainly electronic. For sellers same-day electronic payments can halve processing costs and significantly reduce customer inquiries.

Easy access

B2B buyers use mobile devices during their research and as part of their purchasing process. They will often discover products on one device, then use desktop computer and possibly return to another device before completing their transaction.

Making sure their buying experience is excellent at every point of contact is essential However, the B2B process often includes a wide range of complex product information, data tables, diagrams, and downloadable files. Prioritizing content that must be accessed easily and consistently across all devices, using intuitive designs and taking a practical view of how much information is needed will help you to meet the challenge.

What’s good for your buyers will be good for your business

When you take a customer-centric approach to your B2B ecommerce business you will maximize your opportunities to improve average order values. You will also build your reputation for high-quality customer service and build long-term loyalty.

For advice on how to create customer-centric B2B buying experiences for your customers, talk to one our experts.

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