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How to optimize your B2B website to boost conversions

How To Optimise Your B2B Website To Boost Conversions

Having great search engine optimization will make sure your business is discovered online. Excellent content will build your brand and give your buyers confidence. To get the best return on your marketing investment, the next step is to secure those all-important sales.

Many business to business (B2B) companies feel that their online conversion rate should be better. Here are some recommendations to help you deliver great user journeys that will improve your sales and customer engagement.

Focus on conversion

Many organizations focus on their search engine results to drive traffic to their site, but don’t put the same effort into optimizing their website for sales.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) includes design, navigation, on-site search functions, quality information, easy ordering and flexible payment processes. Your site will need to be fast too. If pages take too long to load, your visitors will go somewhere else.

Clarity is also essential. Make sure your buyers know immediately that they have found the right information. Make your call to action clear too – whether it’s to make a purchase or to download a value-added research report.

When these features are successfully combined, your sales results will improve.

Simplified checkout

You might be surprised to discover that one in five B2B companies can’t accept online payments. For those who can, a quarter of their customers could abandon their purchase because the checkout process is long or complicated.

Features such as easy payment options and personalized promotions for conversion pages will make a difference. A well-designed online order form is the very least you can do to improve your conversion rate.

Over half of the purchases that are abandoned at the checkout are on smartphones and tablets, so it’s important to make sure that the performance of your checkout is good on every platform and device.

Know your buyers

It’s important to understand your buyers and their priorities so that you can deliver an online journey that meets their needs.

Buyers will become frustrated if your site fails to offer them specific and relevant information. In contrast, appropriate content that demonstrates the benefits of your product or service will give them confidence to buy from you. If you have a wide product range it can be challenging to deliver and maintain this high standard of content, but the sales rewards will be worthwhile.

Making the most of the information you can capture about your buyers’ behavior when they visit your site can be invaluable in understanding what’s needed. By tailoring and personalising your website’s content you will be much more likely to turn your visitors into purchasers. More than half of the companies that use data strategically to improve online personalization say that their conversion rates improve significantly.

Customer recommendations

The real-world comments of other buyers can be very influential. This type of user-generated content (UGC) will encourage buyers who are busy researching their options to become your loyal customers.

B2B businesses that go beyond testimonials and star ratings and include customer reviews and social media feedback on their websites are very likely to improve their conversion rates.

Capturing the real difference that you have made in your customer’s own words, as part of case study for example, will be engaging. If possible, include measurable results to give the content authority and you will have a winning combination.

With Cloudfy, control of all these CRO actions can be at your fingertips.

Talk to one of our experts to find out how to improve your online conversion rates.

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