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Fluent Commerce Integration with Cloudfy B2B Ecommerce Platform

Avoid the hassle of additional configuration thanks to our pre-built Fluent Commerce connector

Fluent Commerce Integration with Cloudfy

Fluent Commerce is an order management system (OMS) that helps businesses streamline their order fulfillment processes across multiple sales channels. 

Integrating this into your existing systems can bring several benefits, such as centralized inventory management, improved order visibility, and enhanced customer experiences. 

Integration of this with Cloudfy empowers businesses with a comprehensive order management solution, streamlined operations, and the ability to scale and adapt to changing market demands.

Benefits of Fluent Commerce Integration

Enhanced Order Management

This integration ensures that orders placed through Cloudfy are seamlessly synchronized with Fluent Commerce, providing a comprehensive view of the entire order lifecycle.

Cloudfy helps in Scale the B2B Ecommerce Business
Unified Commerce Experience

With this and Cloudfy integration, businesses can provide a unified commerce experience to their customers.

Eliminating errors For B2B ecommerce organisations, eliminating mistakes
Inventory Optimization

With real-time inventory visibility, businesses can prevent overselling or stockouts by accurately tracking available stock levels.

Scaling Fast B2B ecommerce
Improved Customer Service

By integrating it's customer service capabilities with Cloudfy, businesses can enhance their customer support and satisfaction.

Cloudfy helps in Scale the B2B Ecommerce Business
Scalability and Flexibility

The integration allows businesses to expand their operations and seamlessly handle increased order volumes, diverse product catalogs, and multiple sales channels.

Replatforming B2B ecommerce companies
Streamlined Business Operations

The integration automates manual tasks, reduces data entry errors, and minimizes the need for manual intervention in order processing and fulfillment.

If you’re looking for a B2B ecommerce software that can integrate with your Fluent Commerce, contact us now to request your free Cloudfy demo.


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