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B2B Ecommerce Solutions for Manufacturers & Distributors of Aerospace & Defense Parts

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The defense and aerospace industries share many characteristics, one of the most significant being their complex global supply chains. Managing these, with customers who may be spread all over the world with highly variable requirements is a major challenge. However, having the physical infrastructure in place to deliver what the end-user needs is only part of the story – the organizational tools that make it operate are just as important.

A cloud-based B2B ecommerce solution can allow your customers and internal teams to operate with vastly improved efficiency, round-the-clock operation, even use of ‘smart’ equipment for real time diagnostics. Orders can be made from anywhere with an easy buying process and flexible delivery options.

The challenge

Aerospace and defense organizations are responsible for hundred, or thousands of complex systems, with millions of items associated with them all. Having a system that can manage large numbers of items quickly and accurately while maintaining a user-friendly design to find things easily is a major challenge.

Cloudfy was designed from the outset to facilitate transactions like these, between organizational users and their suppliers. Capable of a rollout in as little as 6-8 weeks, Cloudfy is ideal even for large organizations with complex product catalogs, with key features such as:

Integration with all leading ERP systems out of the box, built on an innovative API system for interfacing directly with databases from suppliers and manufacturers without third-party software.

Reliability and security offered by the cloud-based system that has regular updates and can be hosted in-country for additional security/legal compliance.

Customized access and permissions that can be set for each user, showing different product selections, prices and giving options for different levels of order approval systems.

Product information with custom product attributes, technical specifications, diagrams and advice on associated products can all be provided and easily found with a powerful in-built search tool and easily downloaded.

Serial number tracking for monitoring item usage and whereabouts.

Fast and easy ordering using search functions, customizable order templates for regular orders, order history and using iOS/Android apps for end-user access to the ordering system on the move. There is even a bulk quick-order interface for helping customers ordering large volumes, but with the ability to limit quantity purchases of specific items by customer, or over a specific period of time.

Flexible payment systems allowing orders on credit or with payment up-front through a wide range of payment gateways. Any outstanding debts can be easily seen and managed by the end-user, who can even use their own ERP system to place and approve orders using Punchout.

User self-service made easier than ever before, empowering users to make orders themselves and thus saving time for your sales and order processing teams.

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Business System Integration

To scale your business online, integration with your backoffice systems is key. Cloudfy is designed to connect with all major ERP, Accounting, Warehousing and Business systems. In addition, our powerful and flexible API and flat file integration tools allows each connection to virtually any system. Learn More

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