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Automotive B2B Ecommerce – Why Choose Cloudfy?

Automotive B2B Ecommerce – Why Choose Cloudfy?

Designing, manufacturing, and selling vehicles, their parts and materials is a complex process. While the automotive industry was quick to realise the potential of an online marketplace it is changing more quickly than ever before. That’s why automotive businesses are looking to the Cloud for their ecommerce solutions.

Automotive ecommerce

It’s almost twenty years since Ford, General Motors and Chrysler launched Covisint as a central online exchange not only for manufacturers but also for others in the supply chain. Their auction-driven approach transformed product sourcing and negotiation. It changed the relationship between manufacturers, suppliers and the automotive aftermarket.

The drive towards increasing industry standardisation in a global automotive market continues. Just like many other sectors, embracing business to business (B2B) ecommerce in the Cloud will help to manage costs and improve competitiveness.

Ecommerce for the automotive industry needs to cope with large product catalogues, extended product information, discontinued product ranges and a powerful search function, as well as all the standard B2B ecommerce functionality that buyers expect.

Future success

Success lies in integration of B2B ecommerce with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. An integrated B2B and ERP platform allows automotive companies to improve how they manage inventory levels, trading partner relationships and reduce costs across their business.

By using Cloudfy’s powerful pre-built integrations with major business systems, automotive businesses can simplify and automate the online sales process and reduce the risk of errors.

In addition to increased sales, integrated Cloudfy ecommerce can solve many of the traditional problems faced by automotive parts suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

Here are just a few:

Order processing

Orders for automotive parts typically include a wide range of components and customization. As the complexity of an order increases, so does the likelihood of manual processing errors. To stay in control automotive businesses are turning to their enterprise resource (ERP) systems as their single source of data.

Information exchange

With an integrated solution, inventory information, product details and secure client information can be available on your website in real time. Your sales representative can place a manual order in the ERP or your client can place an order online. They can both view and discuss the order, invoice, and shipping details via the sales portal. This collaboration improves customer service and efficiency.

Product search

Clients can spend a lot of time looking for the right products. Streamlining a vast product catalogue through integration will produce an effective product search function with highly relevant results. Searches can be based on wide-ranging criteria including vehicle make, model and year, rather than just a part number.

Reducing errors

With so many variations to consider in the ordering process, including special conditions, payment options and shipping requirements, even more errors can occur. Through integration, all the necessary options and information can be available during checkout. They can include multiple shipping addresses, different payment addresses, special delivery instructions and attachments for orders and returns.

Special promotions

There are great opportunities to upsell and cross-sell automotive products. Related products can be easily linked in your ERP system so that they are displayed online during checkout or on relevant product pages. Product details and offers can be easily updated and the information will be available around the world and around the clock if needed.

Find out how to get your automotive B2B business on the road to greater success. Talk to one of our experts.

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