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Cloudfy feature spotlight #3 – Bespoke menus (Updated)

Cloudfy Bespoke Menu - Customized Online Shopping Experience

Cloudfy’s bespoke menu feature allows your customers to login and see their own view of relevant products in a personalized menu.

They can see their most frequently bought products and regular purchases can even be pre-assigned, ready for immediate re-ordering. Add fast and effective predictive search to help them when they’re looking for something new to improve their buying experience.

Table of Contents

Improving customer experiences

Cloudfy is designed for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors who must handle complex business to business (B2B) sales. It’s customizable, mobile-friendly, easy to manage and simple for your customers to use.

You can improve customer experiences and reduce costs by automating your sales ordering processes. Your customers can login to access a bespoke view of your product catalog, process their purchases, and manage their invoices. It’s a one-stop online self-service solution.

As many as six to 10 people are typically involved in the B2B buying process. It’s important that each person can quickly and easily access the information they need to play their part efficiently.

Often B2B buyers take on several roles during the procurement process including research, specification and supplier selection. Companies that make it easier for them to navigate the purchase process simplify their work. When they feel helped they are almost three times more likely to say purchasing is easy and spend more.

Access, Roles & Permissions Concept

Access, roles and permissions

Your website administrator can create bespoke menus for your customer accounts by setting permissions and allocating product categories. Buyer roles can be at different levels too, from purchasing managers to buying assistants.

Corporate accounts

The B2B process for larger organizations can include multiple users in different company divisions and locations. Bespoke menus can accommodate complex corporate account structures and roles. Your B2B buyers can even set up and change their own account management structure, adding users and setting purchasing rules.

Personalized catalogs

You can customize your product and service catalogs for each company, division, department, or for individual buyers. If needed, each group within an organization can see its own catalog. If your catalog includes hundreds or even thousands of items you’ll save a lot of time.

Tailored Pricing

Tailored pricing

You can customize your product and service catalogs for each company, division, department, or for individual buyers. If needed, each group within an organization can see its own catalog. If your catalog includes hundreds or even thousands of items you’ll save a lot of time.

Favorites lists

B2B buyers often work with several departments or on multiple projects. They might need to manage and save multiple shopping lists of favorite items. They can simply save them with a heart icon and order the number they need later. They will save time and effort when they need to place repeat or updated orders.

Wish lists

Your B2B buyers can also save items that they don’t need to buy today but might want in the future. They will save time and you’ll have a better understanding of their needs.

Recommendations and offers

You can also add relevant offers to your buyer’s tailored product list to increase sales and improve customer experiences. You might also suggest products and promotions associated with their regular purchases.

Book a Cloudfy demonstration to see how you can personalize your buyers’ online experiences with bespoke menus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Personalization takes account of your customer’s interests and online behavior to improve their buying journey. They can see specific content relevant to their work, their position, their intentions and preferences. It simplifies online discovery, improves customer experiences, and builds customer loyalty. All together this helps to improve conversion rates and increase sales.

Just like everyone else, your B2B buyers have had online shopping experiences. They know product recommendations and assisted searches help them find what they want. They expect the same when they’re searching for products at work. They have specific objectives and limited time. If they don’t find what they want quickly, they’ll look somewhere else.

When you provide relevant information your conversion rates improve. Personalization builds trust with customers and simplifies their buying decisions. When they have to deal with a lot of general marketing content, your buyers are more likely to notice and remember personalized content. You’ll reduce the time they need to filter your content, making the whole experience faster and easier. That means they will probably return and place more orders in future.

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