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Cloudfy feature spotlight #3 – Bespoke menus

Cloudfy feature spotlight #3 – Bespoke menus

More and more business purchases are being made online and your buyers have high expectations of their purchasing experience. One of the most important and challenging B2B ecommerce requirements is personalization based on agreed terms and previous buying histories.

Bespoke menus

Thanks to Cloudfy’s bespoke menu feature your customers can quickly login to see their own view of relevant products in a personalized menu. They can see their most frequently bought products and regular purchases can even be pre-assigned, ready for immediate re-ordering. Add a fast and effective predictive search option to help them when they’re looking for something new and their overall buying experience will be greatly improved.

Access, roles and permissions

Several people can be involved in the B2B buying process, so it’s important that they can quickly and easily access the information they need to play their part efficiently. A website administrator can create bespoke menus for your customer accounts, setting permissions and allocating the right product categories. Buyer roles can be at different levels too, from purchasing managers to buying assistants.

Corporate accounts

The B2B process for larger organizations can include multiple users in different company divisions and locations.

Bespoke menus can accommodate complex corporate account structures and roles.  Your buyers can even set up and change their own account management structure, adding users and setting purchasing rules.

Personalized catalogues

You can customize your product catalogue for each company, division, department, or for individual buyers. If needed, each group within an organization can see its own catalogue. That’s a real time-saver if your catalogue includes hundreds or even thousands of items.

Tailored pricing

Pricing for each of your customers might vary depending on the volumes they buy, agreed discounts, and how frequently they place their orders. You can allocate price points, pricing tiers, and different currencies.

If your business depends on products and commodities whose prices vary regularly, integration with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system will allow you to offer dynamic pricing using pre-set business rules.

Shopping lists

If your buyers work with several departments or on multiple projects, they might need to manage and save multiple shopping lists. They will thank you for this option, which will save them time and effort when they need to place repeat or updated orders.

Wish lists

Your buyers can also save items that they don’t need to buy today but might want in the future. This will save them time and help you to understand their needs.

Recommendations and offers

You can also add relevant offers to your buyer’s tailored product list to increase sales and customer satisfaction. You might also suggest related products, associated with the ones that are bought regularly.

Book a Cloudfy demonstration to see how you can personalize your buyers’ online experiences with bespoke menus.

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