Cloudfy feature spotlight #8 – B2B Ecommerce Product Management

Unlimited products can be included in your Cloudfy B2B ecommerce website, thanks to its exceptional scalability. The content management system (CMS) makes product management really straightforward for your whole team.

Rich product data

For most B2B businesses, a list of product names and possibly an image on a product page will not be enough to meet the needs of your buyers. Product information including dimensions, part numbers and technical data sheets is likely to be a minimum requirement.

Videos, case studies, functions and benefits will all help to answer your buyer’s questions and improve their user experience, but that’s a lot of information to curate. You also need to be sure that you can easily optimise your product images and supporting files for fast load times.

Cloudfy is easy and intuitive to use so responsibility can be shared without specialist training and you can be confident that your content is accurate and up-to-date.

Basic product management requirements

Cloudfy allows you to organise your products into categories that could include the

part name, purpose or size, for example. Using an easy drag-and-drop interface you can also reorganise your products. This will help you to load and update product details quickly and accurately and your buyers will find them more easily.

Personalised catalogue management

You can also customise product catalogues to meet the specific requirements of your customers’ divisions and business units or even individual buyers. You can easily set up user groups with their own bespoke catalogues as sub-sets of your main catalogue. Alternatively, you can hide certain products or prices for unregistered visitors.

Multiple price lists

B2B pricing is often variable, depending on your customers’ purchasing volume, frequency and pre-negotiated discounts.

You might list your products in cases, packs or pallets, but still want to offer additional discounts based on the total quantity ordered. You can include quantity thresholds for further bulk discounts. You can even tailor them to specific customers.

At the other end of the scale, you can specify the lowest or minimum order quantity (MOQ) for certain products, specific quantity multiples for products sold in packs and cases or a minimum order value.

Depending on your sector, prices might vary dynamically, and you can set up specific rules to manage this too.

Integrated management

Multiple price lists for each customer, company, or business unit can result in a huge number of price points, tiers, and currencies, with associated complexity and chance for error. With Cloudfy, you can integrate your ecommerce platform with your enterprise systems to have a real-time view of all your transactions along with powerful analytic tools to keep track of profitability and performance.

Book a free Cloudfy demonstration today to find out how easy product management can be on your B2B ecommerce site.

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