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Oracle Fusion ERP System Integration with Cloudfy

Oracle Fusion ERP System Integration with Cloudfy

Oracle Fusion is an option worth considering if you’re looking for a suite of service-focused applications for your business. Oracle Fusion integrates applications, information, and a wide range of business features and functions. Together they streamline workflows and processes for customer self-service, agent-assisted service and field service. It offers open standard applications and includes middleware and the latest best practices. It helps businesses to introduce new and innovative ways of working. 

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It’s a user-friendly enterprise (ERP) solution you can customize to suit your market sector and business requirements. It streamlines back office administration and empowers your customers with leading-edge self-service options.

Combine Cloudfy’s purpose-designed business to business (B2B) ecommerce software with Oracle Fusion integration for improved customer experiences. You can target customer groups with bespoke loyalty and satisfaction programs to improve long-term retention and lifetime value.

What is Oracle Fusion?

What is Oracle Fusion

Oracle Fusion is cloud based and provides a comprehensive suite of modular applications. You can use the whole Oracle suite, a product family or individual modules to meet your business needs. The full suite includes human capital management, supply chain management, project portfolios, financial management, procurement, customer relationship management, and governance. It’s an alternative to other leading ERP systems such as SAP and NetSuite. 

 Oracle Fusion’s adaptability and multiple implementation options make it attractive to all types of business. Its standards-based approach provides flexibility which simplifies integration and allows reuse of systems and technologies.

It includes: 

  • Business intelligence to help analyze, present, report, and deliver business insights. 
  • Management for applications, storage and documents to improve systems integration, use of digital assets and record retention. 
  • Software-oriented architecture (SOA) to support your service infrastructure. SOA streamlines the design, deployment and management of composite applications. 
  • Java development for end-to-end modeling, development, debugging, optimization and deployment of applications and web services. 
  • User identity management and control for secure access to enterprise resources and assets. 

 With fast and flexible implementation, businesses can achieve a lower total cost of ownership and improved return on investment. 

Oracle Fusion and B2B ecommerce


Out-of-the-box Oracle Fusion integration with Cloudfy allows you to automate processes and manage applications. You can share real-time data with your customers and across your organization. Integration is available for Oracle Fusion 50, 100, 200, or 1000. 

Thanks to seamless connections between modules data exchange and communication improves. Your B2B ecommerce operations become more effective and accurate. 

 You’ll simplify internal processes and deliver more engaging customer experiences. Access to information in your databases is almost instant so you can also create high quality workflows and scheduling. 

 Analytics and reporting tools help you make better decisions with reliable and accurate insights into customer behavior and operational performance. With the latest information you can update your agile marketing and sales strategies and improve forecasting and planning. Overall, you can create competition-beating customer experiences and build long-term customer loyalty. 

The benefits of Oracle Fusion integration with Cloudfy

Benefits of Oracle Fusion Integration

Integrating Oracle Fusion and your Cloudfy B2B ecommerce platform allows your operations to run more precisely and effectively. Synchronizing enterprise and customer data enables improvements for all your processes. With accurate information always available your order management, inventory monitoring and fulfillment processes are all streamlined and simplified. 

You can improve each step in your sales and ordering workflow: 

Product management

Product inventory is automatically imported to your B2B ecommerce site. You can assign items based on storage or site location. Your customers have realtime visibility of product details, quantities and availability.


Share your product information in your customers’ ordering portals for accurate product and pricing information.

Customer relationships

Customers can manage their own accounts via their B2B ecommerce portal. Their records are immediately updated for consistent, high-quality customer experiences and improved personalization.


Rule-based pricing according to your accounting lists in Oracle Fusion can be imported directly to your B2B ecommerce platform. Using your Cloudfy ecommerce portal, the information is immediately available in your customer’s procurement system.

Order status

Your self-service customers can monitor their orders in real time. They won’t need to contact your customer service team for order status updates.


Invoices from Oracle Fusion exported to your Cloudfy ecommerce platform allow your customers to view and manage their purchases. With just a few clicks they can download, print, and pay their bills.

Credit notes

Your customers can simply apply credit notes to their orders according to your pre-set rules.

Improved security with Oracle Fusion and Cloudfy integration

Improved security with Oracle Fusion and Cloudfy integration

Data safeguards include secure authentication procedures and access restrictions. Compliance is built in for data protection regulations like the CCPA and GDPR. Encrypted data transmissions protect valuable and sensitive information. 

Your system stays up to date with the most recent security patches and upgrades applied automatically in the cloud. It’s easy to maintain best practices for data protection at all times. 

 Find out how Cloudfy and Oracle Fusion integration can improve your business processes. Book a free Cloudfy demonstration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Oracle Fusion is a cloud-based suite of modular applications offering comprehensive solutions for various business needs. It encompasses human capital management, supply chain management, project portfolios, financial management, procurement, customer relationship management, and governance. It provides an alternative to ERP systems like SAP and NetSuite. 

Oracle Fusion is adaptable and offers multiple implementation options, making it suitable for all types of businesses. Its standards-based approach simplifies integration and promotes the reuse of systems and technologies, leading to increased flexibility and efficiency. 

The integration between Oracle Fusion and Cloudfy automates processes, enhances data exchange, and improves communication. This leads to more effective B2B ecommerce operations, simplified internal processes, and the ability to provide engaging customer experiences. 

Integration with Cloudfy streamlines order management by automatically importing product inventory to your B2B ecommerce site. This provides customers with real-time visibility of product details, quantities, and availability, enhancing their ordering experience. 

Yes, it can. Oracle Fusion's rule-based pricing can be directly imported to your Cloudfy ecommerce platform, ensuring accurate pricing information for customers. Invoices from Oracle Fusion can also be exported to Cloudfy, allowing customers to view, manage, and pay their bills conveniently. 

The integration ensures data security through secure authentication procedures, access restrictions, and compliance with data protection regulations like CCPA and GDPR. Data transmissions are encrypted, and security patches and upgrades are applied automatically to maintain best practices. 

To discover how this integration can improve your business processes, book a free Cloudfy demonstration and explore its capabilities firsthand. 

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