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International Demand For Cloudfy

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Frost and Sullivan say that that the global B2B ecommerce market will reach $6.7 trillion by 2020 and be worth twice as much as the business to consumer ecommerce market. In contrast, the statistic portal, Statista, predicts that worldwide value of B2B ecommerce will already be over $7.5 trillion* by the end of this year.

Whichever figure is right, international B2B ecommerce is a major business phenomenon that’s growing very quickly.

Looking to B2B Ecommerce in the Cloud

More and more professional buyers now start their purchasing process with worldwide online research. They use their desktop or mobile devices and are increasingly looking for retail quality online buying experiences for their professional purchases. Companies around the world are looking for a fast, efficient and effective way to make the most of these international online sales opportunities.

Many of them are reaching the same conclusion. A flexible and easily customized Cloud-based ecommerce solution like Cloudfy is ideal. When a site can be launched in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years, and can be managed within the business’s budget through a monthly subscription, the traditional barriers to implementation are easily overcome.

Why businesses choose Cloudfy

For many B2B companies, overseas markets are essential for growth. Expanding global businesses can cost-effectively keep pace with increasing sales and seasonal demand thanks to scalability of an ecommerce platform in the Cloud.

Many businesses are also planning to improve efficiency by integrating automated manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing with their ecommerce processes. With pre-built integration for major business systems like Microsoft ® Dynamics, Sage, SAP and Netsuite and customisable options, Cloudfy is an excellent choice.

Who’s choosing Cloudfy

Customers from Australia, Canada, America, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are all recognizing the benefits of Cloudfy. Diverse sectors from pharmaceutical and fashion to industrial manufacturing and automotive parts are all choosing it as the ‘best fit’ for their needs.

Selling internationally means managing much more than pricing rules across tax, payment and delivery chains for different markets. Creating a properly localized experience that also reflects local buying preferences and cultural differences is essential.

Cloudfy can flexibly deliver multiple online stores and accommodate different languages and currencies, allowing businesses to operate successfully in international markets.

Because Cloudfy has been designed and optimized from the outset to meet the needs of B2B ecommerce it can span a wide range of needs and offers unique functionality. Features include easy navigation for customers along with powerful predictive search. It also makes it really easy for businesses to manage product information, order processing, customer service and marketing.

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