B2B E-commerce Solutions for Manufacturers & Distributors of Fashion & Apparel

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Traditionally, meeting up with buyers at trade events, shows and big retail businesses is the way to complete most fashion and apparel wholesale transactions. Personal relationships are important in the fashion world.

Online fashion marketplaces for wholesale buyers have been around for several years now, but is it time for manufacturers and wholesalers to have their own B2B sites? With Fashion and Apparel remaining one of the largest ecommerce markets, and fashion and apparel wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers having their own unique requirements for ecommerce, we think so.

Working with many great fashion manufacturers, importers and distributors, Cloudfy delivers a great competitive edge to their customers, making it the ideal fashion B2B ecommerce platform. Here’s how:

Taking advantage of the online market

A few years ago, Frost & Sullivan predicted that global B2B ecommerce revenues will reach $6.7 trillion by 2020, overtaking the business to consumer (B2C) market. If you want your fashion and apparel business to have its share of this market your ecommerce site will have to be outstanding because the competition is ferocious.

How does the fashion industry fit into the B2B ecommerce picture?

Sales of clothing, footwear, handbags and accessories are all set to grow. The statistics experts, Statista, predict that revenue from ecommerce in the sector will be worth $475billion by 2022. Although the wholesale B2B ecommerce market is smaller, it’s growing at an even faster pace.

Should your fashion business strategy include B2B ecommerce?

Momentum in wholesale B2B ecommerce is increasing, so you don’t want to give your competitors the chance to overtake you. You will want to continue with the personal relationships you have built over many years, and complement them with a powerful online solution that meets their needs.

What Cloudfy offers for the fashion and apparel industry

Fashion and apparel wholesale, distributor and trade industries have their own unique requirements. Cloudfy has been designed for B2B ecommerce from the outset and includes the benefit of experience with many great fashion manufacturers, importers and distributors.

Cloudfy has built-in integration with all the major business systems and a powerful application programming interface (API) for anything special you might need. You can be up and running in weeks rather than months or even years.

Your brand can be beautifully and vividly represented, and your product descriptions and imagery can make you stand out. You can make it easy for your buyers to specify colors, sizes and variations and you can offer packages of a single size and color. And it’s all under your control with Cloudfy’s intuitive dashboard.

Benefits of fashion B2B ecommerce

An improved buying process – Order sheets and multiple phone calls slow down your sales and depend on manual processes that can lead to mistakes. By integrating mSeller with a Cloud-based B2B ecommerce platform like Cloudfy you can show buyers all of your current ranges with real-time availability and place their orders for them online.

Integration to your business systems, including data from fashion-specific solutions like Prima, can enhance the purchasing experience. Once your buyers have logged in, they can view customized catalogues based on their previous buying history and have specific pricing options available immediately.

Real-time inventory – With a complete order to dispatch process integrated with your online store you can show new lines and remaining seasonal stock. You can limit order levels to match the remaining availability, so you won’t have to deal with out of stock situations.

Increased sales – Many B2B buyers want to serve themselves online at times that suit them, using desktop and mobile devices. They want the flexibility to talk to you if they need to and then complete their transactions on another device. Thanks to this level of convenience, average order values tend to be higher online than in person.

You can use their buying history to automatically offer other associated lines. With a great checkout experience and tailored payment options, you can improve their satisfaction. Fast and accurate automated electronic order confirmations, invoices and delivery notifications will make life easier for you and your buyers. Do all of this ahead of your competitors and you will see your buyers coming back time after time.

New markets – Your ranges can be discovered anywhere in the world with an online store. Cloudfy can handle different national currencies, taxes and regulations so you can respond to these global opportunities.

Reputation and loyalty – By selling directly to your buyers rather than on a marketplace you are building long-term loyalty. You won’t need to pay commissions either. It’s all under you control.

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Business System Integration

To scale your business online, integration with your backoffice systems is key. Cloudfy is designed to connect with all major ERP, Accounting, Warehousing and Business systems. In addition, our powerful and flexible API and flat file integration tools allows each connection to virtually any system. Learn More