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Government Supplier Launches B2B Ecommerce Site with SAP B1 & Shipper HQ Integration

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Advantage Tents sells commercial, recreational, and custom tents, along with tent parts and accessories such as tiedowns, fasteners, and lighting hardware. They sell in high volumes to the US government and they manufacture tent poles and stakes made to meet the specific requirements of their sales to the military too. Last bu tnot least, they make tents for historical reenactments and custom compartment covers for fire trucks.

The Challenge

Prior to using Cloudfy, the company did not have a B2B ecommerce platform, but rather just an online catalog where their customers could checkout their product selection, but they were unable to purchase items online. This made for an inefficient ordering process for their customers and for their sales team who had to manually process all the orders. They lacked any sort of integration with their SAP Business One software.

Another challenge they faced was they were having difficulty finding a website plugin for their unique shipping requirements. Because of the oversized dimensions of the items they sell, their shipping process wasn’t complicated. Large items like tent poles need to ship separately from other components, which leads to complicated shipping calculations.

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The Solution

Cloudfy provided out-of-the-box online ordering features to modernize Advantage Tents’ website and create efficiencies in their business by digitally transforming their B2B ordering process.

To address their shipping issues, Cloudfy provided integration with ShipperHQ, a pre-built connector that acts as a hub to different shipping platforms. ShipperHQ calculates the specs of the item requested to determine the best packaging and delivery options. It then sends information back to the shopper about the packaging methods available and their pricing, all based on the number of packages the order will contain, and the dimensions of each, and integrates real time shipping rate calculations into the customer checkout.

Furthermore, their sales ordering process is made more efficient by integrating the website with their SAP Business One ERP. This connectivity gives the customer the ability to login to see all their previous order history, unique wholesale pricing, edit their customer profile, and more.

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