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Benefits of an Ideal Customer Profile for your B2B Ecommerce Operation

An Ideal Client Profile (ICP) allows you to identify companies where you can add the most value. It will help you to prioritize your resources, time and money to find the customers that will be best for you. … Read More

IOT device and smartphone

5 Exciting New Ways Your B2B Ecommerce Operation can Benefit from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

Integration of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is altering the face of B2B ecommerce, and organizations that are well prepared will benefit … Read More

Ho Chi Minh City

A look at B2B Ecommerce trends in Vietnam

Vietnam was slow to embrace ecommerce, starting out much later than other countries in the region. But it’s now seen as one of the fastest growing ecommerce markets in the world. … Read More

Saas vs Open Source

What’s best for B2B Ecommerce: SaaS or Open Source?

One of the things you will need to decide before taking the next step in your ecommerce journey is whether an open source or software as a service (SaaS) platform will be best for your business. … Read More

Dynamics 365 commerce

Dynamics 365 Commerce vs Cloudfy: Which is the best choice for B2B?

If you’re searching for the best software for your B2B webstore, two solutions to consider are Dynamics 365 Commerce and Cloudfy. Let’s compare. … Read More

A Miniature Version of Shopping Cart on Laptop Keyboard

Before You Launch A Native ERP Shopping Cart, Read This 👀

On the surface, a native ERP shopping cart like SuiteCommerce or SAP Commerce may seem like the best solution if you have that same ERP, but there’s more to consider. … Read More

photo of a B2B online discussion

Scenes from the 2022 B2B Online Convention in Chicago

Cloudy was a proud sponsor of, and exhibitor at, the B2B Online 2022 convention in Chicago which featured tons of great speakers and breakout sessions focused on helping manufacturers leverage technology to efficiently scale their businesses. … Read More

B2B Online sponorship

Next Stop – 2022 B2B Online Conference In Chicago

The Cloudfy sales team is super excited to announce our attendance at, and sponsorship of, the 2022 B2B Online expo in Chicago, April 11-12. … Read More

5 strikes on a chalkboard

5 Ways To Mitigate Challenges When Integrating Your ERP & B2B Ecommerce Platform

Successfully integrating your ERP software with an ecommerce platform can be difficult. Here are some steps you can take to mitigate the challenges. … Read More

old broken computer keyboard

Why avoiding a big B2B ecommerce project could cost your business more

Businesses that aren’t already undergoing a digital transformation journey can’t afford to wait too long – the cost of inaction could be much greater than you realize. … Read More