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Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central help automate financial reporting

How can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central help automate financial reporting?

Discover how D365 BC can really make a difference to your business by speeding up your financial close and reporting, streamlining accounts receivables and… … Read More

ERP icon and girl with laptop in green chair

How to find the right ERP solutions for your business?

Every organization has its own unique structure and culture. Both the formal and informal parts of your company will need to be considered while choosing an effective and successful ERP solution. … Read More

B2B Ecommerce software for pharmaceutical

Why the Pharmaceuticals Industry needs to consider B2B eCommerce Platforms

As a complex, highly regulated and licensed industry pharmaceuticals companies must choose a platform that is designed to address their unique requirements. Effective B2B ecommerce software will allow pharmaceuticals company to meet their customers’ needs quickly and efficiently. … Read More

Configure Price Quote

How CPQ Software can help you simplify sales of complex configurable products and solutions online

Configure price quote (CPQ) software allows you to quickly generate precise quotes for complex configurable products, so you can respond to more customer inquiries and improve your conversion rates. … Read More

B2B marketplace vs B2B platform

B2B Marketplace vs B2B Platform for your eCommerce Business

Cloudfy is a best-in-class B2B ecommerce platform for manufacturers and wholesalers. It provides an industry-leading connector to seamlessly integrate with many B2B marketplaces. … Read More

AI and Machine Learning

How AI and Machine Learning are shaping eCommerce

At Cloudfy we believe that AI and ML can help deliver next-generation functionality to achieve and surpass the expectations of your B2B buyers. It’s part of Cloudfy’s ability to offer predictive B2B ecommerce platforms. … Read More

D2C ecommerce platform

How to build a great D2C eCommerce Platform

You can run a single, effective D2C platform fully integrated with your ERP system, a hybrid D2C/B2B site or you can run multiple sites to meet the needs of different audiences. … Read More

Benefits of B2B Marketplace Integration

What are the Benefits of B2B Marketplace Integration?

With B2B marketplace integration buyers gain access to a wide range of pre-approved sellers in a single location and sellers can reach a larger customer base. … Read More

man on couch with laptop and smartphone

Manufacturing Sector Spotlight: Remote Working Trends & Top Productivity Tools

Home, remote and hybrid working can add resilience to your manufacturing business model and allow you to meet your customers’ needs more flexibly. … Read More

Cost and benefits of D2C ecommerce Platform

The Costs and Benefits of D2C eCommerce

While you might think the costs involved in launching or developing a D2C ecommerce platform for your business will mainly be for building and launching an ecommerce site there are quite a few other things to consider too. … Read More