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How Cloudfy can be used as a complete end-to-end B2B portal

How Cloudfy Can Be Used As A Complete End-To-End B2B Portal

Your customers can experience a complete end-to-end B2B purchasing experience when you have a fully-functioning portal using Cloudfy.

While your larger traditional customers might still enjoy the long-term relationships they have built with your sales team, there’s a growing demand and expectation for online self-service.

Sales relationships won’t be replaced by this trend, but processes will be faster, more accurate and will meet your customers’ needs. At the same time, your sales team can spend less time on administrative tasks and become valued product experts and facilitators while your business becomes more efficient.

For example, more than 20,000 businesses who work with Macfarlane Packaging, the largest supplier of protective packaging in the UK and Ireland, can complete everything from order to payment using the Macfarlane simplicit-e solution, powered by Cloudfy.

Customer rapport

The first step is to open a trade account. The process couldn’t be simpler; a short online form asks basic questions about the registering business, the products they are interested in and the payment arrangements they would like. In no time they will have a login that can be used from the home page or product pages to place their orders.

Seamless processes

The portal can be interfaced with customers’ in-house ordering systems and can be configured to match their own stock-keeping units (SKUs). Different users can have different levels of access, depending on what they need to buy and their spending limits. If a business has multiple sites, then products for each location can be displayed. To manage volumes and to minimize waste, a full range of reports is provided.

Easy access

The comprehensive service isn’t limited to desktop. It can also be accessed via a wholesale client ordering app and can integrate with other e-trading platforms. For customers with their own business-wide procurement systems, the service can be integrated using punchout.

Easy ordering

Customers can use an ‘e-to-e’ facility to email orders or to use file transfer options such as Dropbox. There are also easy to use templates, favorites lists and a repeat order option where customers can view their order history and use a ‘quick order’ function.

Around the clock

There’s no need to wait until the next day to place an order. Online self-service means that orders can be placed when they’re needed and can be on their way as quickly as possible. Real-time order reports can be easily accessed too.

Everyone’s informed

When orders are confirmed, customers’ goods inwards departments receive automated emails with information about when the delivery is due. Once the order has arrived a delivery receipt will be returned which can generate an invoice and trigger an automated payment – seamlessly – if customers choose this option.

Your salespeople can also keep a close eye on customer orders and inventory levels, and place orders for your clients as well with the help of Cloudfy’s sales rep mobile app.

Implementation in the Cloud

Cloudfy was designed from the beginning to meet the needs of the B2B market. It includes many advanced features and powerful integration with major business systems as standard so that a comprehensive end-to-end B2B solution can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

As a Cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, Cloudfy is available on an easy-to-manage subscription basis so there’s no need for high capital costs at the beginning. Innovations to keep your site at the forefront of B2B ecommerce are regularly deployed in the Cloud, so you don’t need to worry about time-consuming upgrades either.

Book a free Cloudfy demonstration to find out more about an end-to-end B2B portal for your business.

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