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Boost your B2B Ecommerce Business with Dynamics 365 integration

Boost Your B2B Ecommerce Business With Dynamics 365 Integration

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 is a Cloud-based enterprise (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) system, combining all the powerful functions needed to get your businesses on the road to B2B ecommerce success.

Innovative applications and customized solutions can be created thanks to the standardized and consistent design of the databases. The common data model and an application programming interface (API) allow improved integration with other applications. customized solutions built for one business can easily be used by others, reducing complexity and improving repeatability to keep costs down.


Although 80% of businesses using Dynamics 365 have chosen the Cloud-based version, an on-premises Enterprise Edition for larger businesses is also available, offering a combination of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

However, if you choose the Cloud-based option, you won’t need to physically own anything – it’s essentially a service. When improvements are made, it’s automatically updated in the Cloud too. Data security is also handled in the Cloud and your solution can scale at busy times.


When Dynamics 365 Business Central is integrated with a Cloud-based platform like Cloudfy, your customers will have a seamless B2B ecommerce shopping experience based on a single source of data.

They will be able to access real-time information about transactions, products, stock and orders at any time and from anywhere. There will always be a single, consistent view of information about your customers, products and pricing. With the flexibility of Dynamics 365, you can continue to use your existing business processes to manage your orders, credit control, pricing, order processing.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations provides seamless ERP that can be integrated with your ecommerce platform. You can easily maintain customer data and product management information and have up-to-the-minute data.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 integration

Accuracy – When customer orders automatically update your ERP systems, manual entry is reduced, saving time and improving accuracy. You can ensure information is consistent across all of your sales channels. With a single source of product information you will also help your customers to find what they are looking for quickly.

Efficiency – By providing more accurate and consistent product and inventory information you will reduce returns and refunds. In contrast, inaccurate inventory can lead to back orders, missed deliveries and possibly cancellations and lost revenue.

Tracking – Your buyers want to track the progress of their order. For example, if they are expecting a shipment of raw materials for their production line, a delay could adversely affect their business commitments. With an integrated system, they can easily monitor progress with a customer log-in.

Self-service – Your buyers can complete their payment online and view invoice details, using any device. They can have their own dashboard with their purchase history, previous orders, quotes, saved carts and order lists. They can view their aging balance and credit balance to manage their cash flow.

Reach – You can expand your customer base in different countries and regions, setting up location-based pricing according to currency. You can manage multiple brands, product lines and markets.

Competitive edge – You can integrate with third parties too, to set competitive rates for shipping and services. Preferred shipping methods can all be configured in your ERP system.

Compliance – Local tax compliance and jurisdictions can be handled within your integrated system, ensuring you are charging and collecting the correct amounts.

Security – With an Integrated Payment Card Industry (PCI) certified solution, you can also ensure credit card transactions are processes securely. Your payment gateway can handle authorization and return a token that can be saved instead of credit card details, so that you won’t need to store your customer’s payment data.

Find out how your business can be transformed with Dynamics 365 integration. Speak with one of our experts.

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