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Best-In-Breed B2B Ecommerce Solutions for Suppliers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

A turn-key webstore that integrates with ERP system and gives your clients the ability to easily check your inventory and purchase your goods online 24/7

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For suppliers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, where your products have a very short shelf life, a top priority of your operation is to make it super-easy for your salespeople and/or order-intake-team to process frequent orders from your retail store customers, and super-easy for those same customers of yours to submit their orders, and get real-time insight into your stock availability.

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Quite often, your customers’ stores do not have a lot of staff on premises. Smaller convenience stores in particular, may have just one person fulfilling multiple duties during their shift: stocking shelves, answering the phone, cooking food, and acting as cashier. They don’t have much time for a lengthy inventory analysis and purchase-order submission process. The quicker and easier they can place an order, the better.


With Cloudfy’s turn-key B2B ecommerce software, your clients can quickly order and restock their time-sensitive FMCG inventory. The following out-of-the-box features can help both you the distributor AND your customers efficiently submit and process high order volumes and streamline the ordering process, eliminating errors, improving customer satisfaction, and saving both time AND money!

Easy Repeat Ordering

Your customers reorder the same products, so it’s essential you give them the ability to easily repeat exact or similar orders. With Cloudfy, your customers can go to their order history and click a button to reorder the same items from a previous order, adjust the quantities, and they can save favorite order templates. More

Client Ordering App w/Barcode Scanner

Your customers can use Cloudfy’s client ordering app and it’s built-in barcode scanner to quickly and easily adds product to their shopping cart simply by scanning the barcode on the product packaging, or on the box it came in, or on the empty store shelf if they have the shelves labeled with those same barcodes.

Salesperson Ordering App

Cloudfy's mobile ordering app for salespeople gives your field team the ability to pull up your products on an iPad to present to your clients right there in the store. And it works offline so even if there’s no Wi-Fi, your salesperson can build up an order in the app, and it will get processed once they are back in an area with a Wi-Fi signal.

ERP Integration

Cloudfy webstore integrates with all major ERPs, so you can ensure that your salespeople AND clients have accurate inventory, customer records, order history and more right at their fingertips so they can make informed ordering decisions. Out-of-the-box integration is available for NetSuite, SAP, Dynamics, Sage and many more common ERP systems.

E-Z Excel Ordering

Using Cloudfy’s E-Z Excel ordering features, your customers can just email their order in the form of an Excel file. When Cloudfy receives the email, we strip off the contents of the attachment, and create an order based on the quantities in the attached file.

Back In Stock Alerts

Back in stock alerts give your customers the ability to simply check a box to activate notifications when their preferred product(s) are available for purchase. Messages can come in the form of push notifications in the app or email alerts.

Inventory Feeds

With the help of Cloudfy's inventory feeds feature, you can give your customers the ability to sign up to receive daily, weekly, or monthly email exports of your stock counts so they can view, download or import this data into their own business systems.

Subscription Orders

Both you and your clients can benefit from the efficiency of Cloudfy's subscription ordering feature which enables recurring orders for items that are ordered on a regular basis in the same quantities. Perfect for magazines and perishables (milk, eggs, etc...).


Are you looking for the perfect B2B ecommerce software for your FMCG supply house? If so, contact us now to request your free demo.

Done-for-you ERP Integration

Cloudfy comes pre-built with integrations to many major ERP systems, so launching your connected ecommerce webstore is just a routine configuration task (done by Cloudfy), not a big scoping and development project you’d otherwise have to hire a 3rd party for. This turn-key dynamic keeps your costs low and expedites your time-to-launch. All Integrations >

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Comparable to a Swiss Army Knife, your Cloudfy-powered webstore provides you the premier slate of b2b ecommerce features you can switch on as your business grows – all bundled together in an easy, fast, scalable one-stop-shop solution. Though advanced features like EDI ordering, invoice portals and mobile apps may go beyond your initial requirements, as a fast growing company it’s best to prepare so you can avoid a costly replatforming project in the not-too-distant future. What’s more, Cloudfy’s ability to integrate with virtually any ERP, CRM, e-procurement platform, 3PL or 3rd party software is second-to-none, allowing you to easily pivot when you inevitably upgrade your back-office software.