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How Cloudfy Caters to Online Customer Service

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Despite the rapid growth in online sales and the shift from high street to digital, the need for offering convenient helpful customer service remains more important than ever, especially within the context of social media and online reviews.

In recent years there is evidence to suggest consumers are placing greater importance on the quality of customer service than on the price and quality of products alone.

The modern day consumer is tech savvy and more demanding of retailers as their shopping and buying habits continue to become increasingly sophisticated.

Businesses that recognize the importance of customer service and adapt their processes and resources accordingly to offer convenience in the way their customers can connect and communicate with their company will gain a competitive edge over their competitors.

Cloudfy, the latest generation of cloud based ecommerce software, have built in some fantastic customer service functionality to take into account the increasing demands placed on online businesses when it comes to exceeding their customer’s expectations online.  Here’s a few of the Customer Service features subscribers to Cloudfy’s ecommerce software can expect as standard.

Ask a Question

Linked on product pages, a customer can press the ‘Ask a Question’ button which will send an email to a set email address with information about what the customer is looking at and their question so they can receive a prompt reply.

Configurable Email Templates

Automatic emails are generated when a customer registers, receives login details, has a password reset, places an order and the order is dispatched. The structure of the email template is set but it is configurable with the addition of a logo, text and company information.

Telephone Order

Place orders against a customer account with telephone ordering managed through the Admin CMS. Add/remove products, select customer, take credit card payment, place is the customers cart or allow payment on account.

Customer Credit Balance

Credit a balance onto a customer’s account allowing them to place a new order with that credit balance. Customers have visibility of the credit balance and are able to spend it accordingly. An order is raised deducting the credit balance.

PDF Order and Invoice Download

Customers can download invoices and order information in a PDF format, this is in the same format as the order email but formatted for an A4 printer page.

Live Chat

Integrate popular live chat platforms easy through the Site Settings in the CMS and provide a live chat to your customers and potential customers. Live Chat can improve conversion rates by allowing your customers and prospective customers to engage with you quickly and easily.

Reach out to one of our ecommerce consultants to arrange a no-cost demo.


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