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Looking for a B2B ecommerce platform in 2020? Top 10 reasons to consider Cloudfy

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The business to business (B2B) ecommerce market is growing quickly and there are great opportunities out there for merchants who are ready to take advantage of the latest technology to deliver outstanding customer service.

Here are the top 10 Cloudfy features we recommend for 2020-ready B2B ecommerce. 

1. Visual commerce

Your content needs to be relevant and valuable. It must also look great and fit with your brand. Cloudfy provides flexible, responsive page design. You can include user-generated content, social links, 3D and augmented reality (AR) if it adds to your buyer’s experience. You don’t have to be an expert so your sales, marketing and customer service teams can all contribute.

2. Personalization

Personalization is becoming a minimum requirement for B2B ecommerce. B2B organizations are on a digital transformation journey and are looking to use big data to build relationships with their buyers. You can leverage customer data to tailor content and product listings based on your customer’s previous behavior, interests and buying history. 

With Cloudfy you can start right from the Home page, using the personalization feature to automatically show your customers their own dedicated page when they login. You can include special greetings, calls to action and tailored navigation. You can even include themed, timed and tailored offers for each buyer.

3. End to end ecommerce

B2B buyers expect a seamless experience at every touchpoint. With Cloudfy they can have a complete end-to-end B2B purchasing experience.

Integrating all your sales channels with your back-office systems to create a complete B2B portal provides an exceptional customer service experience.

4. Internet of Things 

Connecting the physical and digital worlds using sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) takes us to the Internet of Things. Machines will be able to self-diagnose and order parts or maintenance visits for themselves. Purchases through appliances, cars, and voice technology and more will become more viable in 2020. Connecting radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags to items and analyzing the data you acquire will allow you to gain new levels of actionable insight.

With Cloudfy’s powerful integration available straight out of the box, the you can already embrace the IoT. 

5. Product customization

Mass product customization could soon see unique products and services created for each customer. With a powerful B2B ecommerce platform like Cloudfy you can offer customized and personalized products and an exceptional buyer experience. In a competitive market, this will make sure you stand out from your competition. 

With our powerful behind-the-scenes functionality your buyers can see visualizations of their choices and the prices in real time. You can even offer recommendations based on the choices of other customers.

6. Predictive search

An excellent site search experience will improve engagement with your buyers and help them to find what they want more quickly. Indexing your product descriptions for the best possible search returns is a top priority for fast and relevant searches. Adding Cloudfy’s predictive search functionality can give you a competitive advantage.

Your buyers can use a specific product, category, internal code or industry-specific part number to find what they’re looking for. You can even include product previews tailored descriptions, specific pricing and go-to-checkout options along with the predictive results.

Predictive search suggests products and categories in real time, based on the key words buyers are searching for. Auto-complete can offer relevant phrases, helping to reduce the amount of time needed to key-in search terms.

7. Voice ecommerce

Voice-enabled technology at home and on mobile devices means we can ask questions and receive answers almost instantly. Experts say that voice search will account for $40 billion of online sales across the United States and the United Kingdom by 2022. Major technology providers have improved the accuracy of voice technology from 75% to 95% or even better in just a decade, so it’s quickly becoming the easiest enquiry tool. 

Combining voice technology with Cloudfy’s configure, price, quote (CPQ) feature to handle complex transactions will really make a difference to your online offer, bringing a new level of experience for buyers ordering complex products. 

8. App commerce

Millennial B2B buyers check their smart phones around 150 times per day and expect to be able to engage with their business partners using mobile devices. B2B businesses with registered trade customers can use the Cloudfy Client Ordering app to make it really easy for them to place repeat orders. It doesn’t only provide opportunities to increase orders, you can also run promotional campaigns. A well-placed advertisement or push notification can win attention, allowing buyers to access content and respond quickly.

On top of that, there’s Cloudfy’s B2B sales rep app for wholesalers and distributors.  This new tool helps empower your field sales team with all data they need to close their B2B deals, right at the touch of their fingertips.

9. Full self-service

B2B customers expect a complete self-service online ordering process, so Cloudfy’s full self-service management system is an ideal option to meet the needs of your larger customers. It allows you to provide everything online, from checking product stock levels and downloading product information to completing complex orders and multi-level purchase approvals. 

A complete workflow can be created so that everyone involved can see payments that are waiting for approval. Orders of different values can be directed to different people and users will only be asked to approve payments that they have permission to authorize. You can include approvals limits, overrides and tracking.

10. Security and privacy

In 2020, buyers will want to know that the information they provide is safe and that it will only be used for their benefit. Transparency will be more important than ever for them, so the trust will be high on their list of priorities. 

With a range of consumer privacy regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) or the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in Europe it’s never been more important. Security is something we have always taken very seriously at Cloudfy; it’s our business after all.

These are just some of Cloudfy’s exceptional B2B ecommerce features.

Find out more about Cloudfy as a B2B ecommerce platform for 2020. Talk to one of our experts.

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