ecommerce conversion rates

Does Your Ecommerce Business Have Healthy Conversion Rates?

Ecommerce Conversion Rates When measuring a site’s success, using conversion rates is an effective way of measuring how profitable your ecommerce business is, as well as using them to identify any areas you might need to improve. Whilst conversion rates … Read More

Artificial intelligence ecommerce technology

Machine Learning And AI Technologies For Predictive B2B Ecommerce

Predictive B2B Ecommerce As industry giants such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon are starting to offer Machine Learning services, an AI (Artificial Intelligence)-first world seems closer than ever, with increasingly more businesses starting to use Machine Learning and other AI … Read More

Planned ecommerce features Cloudfy platform

What’s Coming Soon At Cloudfy

Cloudfy Platform Updates Things never really stand still for the Cloudfy technical team, who are constantly adding on exciting new features that will be offered as standard within your monthly subscription package. With 2017 just around the corner, here’s a … Read More

New features Cloudfy responsive

Discover 15 New Features Added To The Cloudfy Platform

Cloudfy Ecommerce Features 2016 has been a very busy year for the Cloudfy team and we’re proud of the satisfied customers who have gone live over recent months, including Paroh Ltd, OTL and Lou Dalton who marked the launch of … Read More

evolution of ecommerce technology

Discover the Evolution of Technology with Cloudfy’s New Infographic

Evolution of Technology We all know that technology has been evolving fast in the past few decades, but do you know the origins of ecommerce? Or what you should expect next in this ever-changing industry? Find out the answers to … Read More