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Best-In-Class B2B Ecommerce Software for Suppliers of Construction Materials

With rich features to help you simplify, save & scale your operation regardless of whether you supply small hardware stores or multinational engineering firms

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Your team is likely juggling an exceptional amount of paperwork when your clients order their construction materials, regardless of whether it’s the initial procurement phase for a new build or ongoing resupply requests. This dynamic creates an environment for human error to persist. Manually processing all those purchase orders comes, as well as performing all the error resolution, comes with a high price tag. Surely your admin staff can be put to better use on higher priority initiatives that help grow your business, not data entry. What’s more, it’s not exactly cost-effective to have your team fielding non-stop customer emails and phone calls either.

Your operation is already under mounting pressure from all sides: inflated raw material costs, supply chain disruptions, government regulations and more. If there were ever a time to make your business run more efficiently, that time is now. Order processing and customer service are two areas where you can unlock substantial cost savings.

So what can you do about it? Shifting these responsibilities to a more-automated, web-first approach is the answer. The challenge you’ll find is pinpointing a software that can achieve these objectives. Most ecommerce solutions for manufacturers or distributors are little more than a B2C-oriented software with a few surface-level wholesale features. There must be a better way!

Introducing Cloudfy, the best-in-class B2B ecommerce software for construction material suppliers. Cloudfy comes pre-built with integration to popular ERPs and the most comprehensive set of trade-only features on the market, designed to help you simplify, save and scale your operation. With its feature-rich ordering portal, mobile apps, procurement tools and more, your Cloudfy platform can help you extract more profits out of your client relationships, whether they be with independent hardware stores or multinational engineering conglomerates.

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eProcurement Tools

Your Cloudfy solution can make the eProcurement process simpler for you and for your key clients by integrating with popular softwares that support this unique purchasing process. Cloudfy offers Punchout ordering and also also comes with SAP Ariba processing out-of-the-box – no third party add-on software would be required.

Product Detail Downloads

Encourage your clients to adopt self-service habits by giving them the ability to easily view, download and print key product documentation right inside their customer portal so they can enjoy 24/7 access to all the fine details they need about your goods (i.e. specs charts, assembly instructions, material makeups, certifications, etc...)

Inventory Visibility

With modern supply-chain challenges, now more than ever your clients will appreciate getting the most accurate view of your stock counts, in near real-time, so they can better plan the phases of their construction projects. Cloudfy provides many tools to share your inventory quantities, lead times and more - all fed straight from your ERP.

Custom Catalogs

Your Cloudfy storefront can be configured to provide different customers access to different product ranges. This custom product catalog feature is just one of many tools you can use to provide your clients a truly personalized user experience whereby you can also dictate which customers see which prices, which promotions, which payment plans, delivery methods and more.

Mobile Ordering Apps

Your customers can use Cloudfy’s client ordering app and its built-in barcode scanner to quickly and easily add products to their shopping cart while out in the field, perhaps on the construction job-site itself. Users can build up their order by scanning a UPC code on your products, or on the packaging they arrived in, or by performing a regular search in the mobile interface.

Quote & Approval Process

With powerful workflow features, you can provide oversight to those orders that do require human intervention. Quote workflows allow you to capture the details you need from your clients to produce an accurate quote before sending back to your customers to then approve or deny. Plus, you can easily setup approval processes following your clients' purchase-order submission parameters.


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If you’re in need of a comprehensive B2B ecommerce solution to fit the complexities of your construction supply business, contact us now to schedule your complimentary Cloudfy demo.


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