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Why Choosing the Right ERP Software is Crucial

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When it comes to choosing your company’s ERP software, it’s a hugely important decision and can bring many benefits, laying the foundations on which a company can scale and accelerate growth. Choosing and implementing the right ERP solution from the beginning is crucial.

Choosing an ERP solution over an accounting system comes either from necessity due to growth or because you require to manage all aspects of your business in a single system. The right solution can help you develop customer relationships, improve management of supply chains and inventories, while reducing the time spent on managing trivial tasks that aren’t adding any value to your business. In addition to the standard business processes and requirements, it’s important to choose an ERP system which offers a connected online experience.. allowing customers to place orders, check balances, view stock levels real time online.

Integrating the right ERP system will ultimately change the way you and your whole business operates – for the better!

ERP systems will automate your business processes, like reconciling financials at the end of the month, take the guesswork out of sales forecasts and give you visibility of warehouse inventory. Ultimately allowing a business owner to manage the business more effectively and efficiently, in-turn increasing customer satisfaction and overall profitability.

However, ERP systems can come with a big price tag, be complex to integrate and create challenges when measuring ROIs. This is why choosing the ERP software that is the best match for your business now and importantly in the future is crucial to get right from the outset.

How can we help?

We have collated a list of things to consider when evaluating ERP software options available to you:

  • Objectives and Requirements – what problem are you trying to solve?
  • Demonstration of concept – see a demo to help see if the software meets your business goals.
  • Choose a trusted vendor – what is their current situation and reputation?
  • Choose a provider offering the most advanced solutions – one that takes advantage of the latest advances in technology.
  • True cost – upfront cost, maintenance, support and recurring costs.
  • Training and support – is there training and an agreed level of support offered?
  • Integration process – can it be done in stages to minimize the disruption of day to day operations?
  • Hardware and software updates – how regular do these come out and at what cost?

Cloudfy integrates with all major business and ERP systems with ease. Here are some of the systems Cloudfy already connects with:

Rob Williams, CEO of Cloudfy comments “Cloudfy offers a great and easy to use option to integrate with your ERP systems. Using our deep technical background, Cloudfy has provided various customers with the scalability and flexibility they require. Furthermore, the Cloudfy platform is always growing and if you are not sure if we integrate with your ERP system, just ask, we probably can”.

Cloudfy is built to enable busy company owners to integrate with their chosen ERP system as hassle free as possible.

To discover what else Cloudy can offer you contact one us today to request your free demo.

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