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Shoe Dealer Steps Into Cloudfy for Multi-Site Ecommerce

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Ruby Shoo, a division of GH Warner, provides customers with unique, quirky shoes and accessories. Ruby Shoo adds comfort elements to their shoes so that those who couldn’t wear heels now can! The division was created in 2010 and continues to update their styles and add new accessories each year for their customers.

The Challenge

Ruby Shoo needed a multi-site ecommerce solution for the two sides of their business: the D2C retail portion, and the B2B trade portion. Each side needed its own domain name with a different front end but connected through one backend pointing to the same cloud and drawing from the same feed.

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The Solution

Cloudfy offered a multi-site solution for Ruby Shoo that gave them the flexibility and efficiency they needed for both sides of their business. On their B2C domain, Cloudfy installed a guest checkout feature that pulls from the same products, the same prices, and the same inventory levels as their B2B site. In the B2B version of the domain, trade customers must login to see wholesale pricing, and they can also use the Cloudfy B2B ordering app to make their purchases. Both sites are integrated with their ERP system to give the whole business a holistic view of orders, inventory, customers, etc…

Another feature available to Ruby Shoo customers is Channable, a pre-built connector available through Cloudfy. Channable is a hub that allows orders to go out to third-party selling sites like Amazon and eBay and feed back into the Ruby Shoo website. The way it works is that customers list a product on their Ruby Shoo site and set it up to be fed into eBay. They create a listing on eBay, and if an order gets placed on eBay, that order is fed back into the Ruby Shoo website to match up the with inventory available and to fulfill the order.

Cloudfy also offered Ruby Shoo the ability to integrate with Adyen’s payment gateway. With Adyen, Ruby Shoo can accept various methods of payment such as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. When the customer checks out, they are taken to Adyen and can see all the different payment methods from which to choose.

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